Thursday, 9 January 2014

This Week's Wishlist


The Giant Flow scarf by Zuzunaga
Treeling Jewellery Tree Black
Sorry the picture is so small - if I make is larger the quality will be really bad. This is one of the best designs I've seen for this kind of storage compartment. They are the Componibili Storage Units
MUST HAVE THOSE FOX PLUSH TOYS from IKEA. Also want the bedspread but I don't know if it'll fit my bed.
Megaphone Black. This is so cool - no speakers, just a ceramic megaphone to amplify the sound from your iPhone/iPod.
Zuny Elephant Bookend Tan - again, I couldn't make this one bigger sorry
Oh my goodness, as you know, I am falling in love with LUSH, and these are the ones I want.
Top left: Big Blue Bath Ballistic. Middle left: Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic (this is the first and only LUSH product I have tried as you can find out here but I think it only comes out at Christmas). Bottom left: Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt (Sounds freakin' amazing and I know I smelt something sweet and candy-ish in the shop but I can't remember what it was but I think this might be it). Top right: The Comforter Bubble Bar -they had me at "gives the feeling of being hugged by a jolly blackcurrant". Middle right: Pheonix Rising Bath Ballistic. Bottom right: So White Bath Ballistic - now this is the one I want absolutely the most, it sounds amazing and I love the smells of apples so this would be perfect!
You already know from my The Body Shop post that I ranted on about the amazingniss of this flavour particuarly the body mist. Well, it had to be on here, the Brazil Nut Body Mist
This Vanilla Eau De Toilette also smells delicious and vanillary, unfortunately it's small and expensive
Ricky Sweat Tee in Black or Bleach Marle from Cotton On
I talked about this in tomorrows post that I just had to add this in. Lily Bloom E/W XBODY - whatever that's supposed to mean. It's $50 on the website but it was on sale today and I should've got it but I didn't!

 Most of it is totally not affordable but I think the #1 thing on my wishlist is those fox plush toys :)
All the really really really really really way too expensive stuff is from Top3 which is a pretty cool design shop but they are really expensive. But altogether that is a total of $1410.08. Yeah. I know. Without the stuff from Top3 it added up to $161.08 - you see the difference? So yeah, that's my make-shift-wishlist I made this week so enjoy! Hope it gave you inspiration for your next gift ideas or maybe presents for yourself :)

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