Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Chocolat and Nail Polish Shade Comparisons

Last night I felt like watching Chocolat again so I decided to re-do my nails while I was watching.
I tried out my new nail polish from the Models Prefer pack I got and it's called "Obsession".
But before I painted my nails I needed to remove the remaining nail polish I had on so I used the Swisspers nail polish remover pads because we have run out of nail polish remover. They are quite handy for travelling and it comes with 36 pads so you get a lot of uses out of them and also you don't waste heaps of tissues or toilet paper while removing nail polish from your nails. Another reason why they're good is that they have hardly any smell and don't smell horrid like nail polish remover at all. They make your hands and nails quite oily though so have so tissues on hand to wipe your hands.

This morning I decided to do two shade comparisons with my turquoises and my mints

The first one is "Pistachio Parfait" which is from the Finger Frosting - Gelato Colours pack I got from Diva. The second is "Obsession" which as you know comes from Models Prefer. "Pistachio Parfait" and "Obsession" are almost exactly the same. I think "Pistachio Parfait" is a little lighter but they are pretty much the exact same colour. The picture may show the difference as more obvious than it actually is. The third is Sergeant Pepper-Mint which came from Glassons.

This second shade comparison comprises of "Mermaid" by rokk96, "Gorgeous" by Sinful Colours, and "Money Money" by Models Prefer
Well I hope you liked that - could be a few colours in there you would like to add to your collection :)


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