Monday, 20 January 2014

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Holy cr*p I had a bath last night with the rest of my Golden Wonder Bath Bomb and it was even better than the first time! I originally thought I had two more uses out of it but nope. I was way too excited to cut it in half, I just wanted the whole thing in my bath at that very moment! So as you know I've already used a third of my Golden Wonder and after seeing there was two little pink balls inside I had to put the rest in - and words cannot describe the intensity and beautifullness of the colour of my bath! The first time I used it I crumbled it under running water but last night I popped it right in the bath so I actually got to see it fizz and oh my goodness the colour was SO INTENSE!!! And oh my bath was BLUE! It was BLUE! Oh my goodness I can’t even describe the magicalness of it. I’m not just saying that either. To be honest, I didn’t see the big deal with bath bombs until I actually tried one and last night was just magical - like a whole new experience all together. I could smell it as it fizzed away in the bath but I kind of couldn’t smell it after a while, probably because my nose got used to it. It was like this really, really, deep turquoise blue with golden shimmer swirling around like a magical Disney world and I’m so upset that it’s only a Christmas invention. I can’t really smell it on me, but because I washed my hair I can still smell it on my hair, mmmmm...... I actually don’t like the smell of the Lush Pud as much but anyway I’m going to try it the night before school starts - I’m going to need it ;)
This was my bath water - and trust me when I say the camera was terrible at capturing the beautiful and intense colour of my bath
The colour was kind of a mix between this picture and the below picture and way more intense and much more beautiful.
I tired to capture the swirling golden sparkles but they were moving too fast and there really is no way to capture them
The golden sparkles left after the bath was drained. It was so sad to see all that beautiful blue water go down the drain :(
Anyway enough of that, today we went to the Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour to see the Vikings exhibition and then afterwards we had delicious and enormous burgers from Hurricane's Grill. We then watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug at IMAX in 3D - I thought the first one was Okay but I really didn't like the second one for many many reasons but mainly because I've read the book and it is almost nothing like the book now. So I could go on about the many things I don't like about the second Hobbit movie, but there's no use complaining because there's nothing I can do about it and it's obvious that this trilogy was made in an attempt for more money so you know what, I'm going to talk about the delicious Macadamia & Caramel gelato I had at Gelatissimo after the movie mmmmmm.......
Viking women often wore chain instead of jewellery. I learned quite a bit about Vikings and Viking Women today but I've always known (and admired) that Viking Women were very different to other women in most civilizations. In fact, For some time it has only been the role of women to do, well, pretty much nothing. Except take care of the house and have children and to feed her husband. Whereas viking women were much more independent and were almost as equal as men. Women had right over their house, they could own possessions and they could protect themselves too and were allowed weapons. They are probably the only civilization I know that allowed women to do these things. Maybe because they're not really a "civilization" because they are so independent instead of united as a government or a society. What I didn't know is that Viking women believed in Fates who were mythological goddesses that could weave people's destiny and kill them with merely the cut of a thread. Many women also believed they had this power and so copied this practice and would sometimes ride into battle to decide which men to kill.
Viking ship

Casting mould for a brooch
Steak knife at Hurricane's Grill at Darling Harling Harbour
Macadamia & Caramel Gelato


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