Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Favourite Animals

Hey guys,

At the end of the term last year, our teacher gave us a worksheet called "Favourite Animals". You have to fill out his worksheet that requires you to write down three of your favourite animals and your least favourite animal and then four adjectives describing them. You can print out this worksheet here. Now beware, if you want to do this worksheet properly, fill it in before you read the rest of this post.

I only filled in my first favourite, second favourite and least favourite animals before she told us the code. It really is a very fun and funny worksheet and listening to some people's answers was just hilarious and for some people it (like myself) some of it was quite accurate!

For my favourite animals I put 'Fox' (who would've guessed?) and the four adjectives I chose were 'cunning', 'clever', 'independent' and 'wild'.
For my second favourite animal I chose 'Dog' and to describe it I put 'obedient', affectionate', 'beautiful' and 'friendly'.
For my third favourite animal I didn't fill out until after I had learned what it was supposed to mean so I actually cheated so I'm not sure if this is actually my third favourite animal (I actually have no idea what my third favourite animal is) but I chose 'Platypus' (knowing that it was meant to represent me and my personality) and I chose the words 'timid', 'swimmer', 'individual' and 'shy'. And I think all those words represent me.
For the last animal (least favourite) I chose 'Cockroaches' because she could said we could also choose bugs and I simple detest them. And to describe them I said 'disgusting', 'fast', 'ugly' and 'small'.

So the first one 'Fox' I think I do want people to see me as except maybe 'wild'.
The second one I think people see me as except definitely not 'beautiful'.
The third one is of course how I actually am because I purposely chose one that had descriptive words like me. But if I could've chosen another descriptive word I would've chosen 'different'.
For the last one, 'fast' definitely does not describe me. I may be short but I am definitely not 'small'. I am sometimes 'disgusting' and I am definitely 'ugly' and not proud (so inspiring).

So go ahead and try it out! Test it on your friends and family too!

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