Saturday, 4 January 2014

Nature Photography

After three days of constant blogging and staring at my computer screen, I finally got out of the house today and walked for an hour :O (amazing I know). So I took my camera along with me and got some naturely shots. I've edited some of them (not very well though) and some I've put intense effects on.

 On pretty much every plant I saw of these, there were all green leaves and just one single orange leaf.
 Mangrove, after mangrove, after mangrove...
 Morning Glory... Such a pretty coloured flower for a destructive weed...

 Some black & white photos...

So yeah there you have it. If you have any tips on editing photos or photography in general, or if you can recommend any good programs or apps for editing photos, let me know in the comments.

Also I thought I'd just throw this in randomly as well,
After our walk we popped into Harris Farms and got these. The packet says Dried Mango but it's actually candied. So it's very sweet. You can either eat like that or you can chop it up into little pieces and make a trail mix with it. The bitterness of the nuts will offset the sweetness of the mango. So if you see these in your local grocery store or fresh food market, pick up a packet of Dried Mango Slices or maybe Dried Paw Paw Slices and mix them up with some sultanas and mixed nuts. Perfect for snaking on!


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