Sunday, 12 January 2014

Cut loose, Footloose

Hi guys, I've given up on the pre-fall runway highlights and so I didn't really have anything all that interesting to talk about today. But a few hours ago I just watched Footloose for the first time and loved it :) If you haven't watch it yet, I would definitely recommend it. Especially if you're like me and you like musicals, American teenagers, dancing or catchy songs that make you want to get up and sing and dance. It's kind of like a mix between Grease ne sais quoi. Like a more modern version of Grease except with a bit more emotion. *Spoilers* basically he's the kind of kid that has had his dad run out on him, his mum has died so he's moved to a small country town with his aunt and uncle and cousins. Basically he's skilled (at a lot of things e.g. dancing, fixing cars, driving cars) he's cute, he's cool he's fit, and he's kind. The exact kind of American sweetheart, main character you want to see. I would recommend it if you like a)musicals,  b)old fashioned American high school movies or c)you like dance movies. Anyway I loved it and now I have the catchy theme song stuck in my head :) It stars Kenny Wormald, Dennis Quaid and Julianne Hough. Directed by Craig Brewer. And wow it was only made in 2011. Obviously the actual movie quality seems modern but the kind of story seems older. Maybe that's why I like it :) And did you know I have never seen Dirty Dancing? Don't actually plan to as it doesn't look that good and I don't think I'd like it that much and the trailer almost put me to sleep. Same with the High School Musical movies - don't think I will ever watch them because they look awful to me. And I'll just add this in today because I only realised just now that it as actually a remake and the original movie was in 1984 which is why the story seems old-fashioned so there you go - I'm not very smart.
Also I think he's kind of cute. But only because he has great body, cheekbones and hair but cannot come close to Johnny Depp. But you know, I kind of thought he looked a bit like Johnny Depp just because of his face structure but his face isn't as nice as Johnny Depp. Has a nice voice though :) But again, not even close to Johnny Depp so don't take it the wrong way!

But yeah really reminded me of Johnny Depp when he was younger - which by the way, he was HOT.


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