Monday, 17 March 2014

Walk In Her Shoes has begun!

Oh my goodness, two weeks without fashion designs, it's atrocious I know. But I've been really busy lately as I've had so many assignments and assessments coming up. I still have lots to do. On top of that there's still the regular homework I have to do every week. So anyway, it's been a rough couple of weeks. If you follow me on twitter I will be posting regular photos this week; tracking my WIHS progress :) and I will probably be posting it here too.

So today was the first day, it's not too late to sponsor me by the way if you haven't already! Just click here and follow the steps to helping women and girls in developing countries live a fuller life!
Today my shoulders were killing me because for the past few weeks I've been carrying so much weight on my shoulders and putting so much staring on them that now I can't even touch one of my shoulders without it hurting. I tried putting as little as I could in my bag so that I wouldn't be carrying so much weight walking around. Anyway I made it through the day and after some pacing on the balcony I made it to ten thousand steps. I did some more afterwards so in the end the total was 11,410 steps, which, according to CARE's 'step to km converter' is 8.69km.

So yeah, wish me luck! I hope you all have a wonderful week hopefully you don't have masses of school work to do like me and hopefully you aren't spending your time writing blog posts and doing other non productive stuff when you should be doing something school/work related like me!


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