Sunday, 2 March 2014

Strike Bowling

Hey guys,
Today my dad, my brother and I went to Strike Bowling in the Mandarin center. First we went to Grill'd to get burgers and they were yum! Before our session started we played some arcade games first which was kind of fun. Plus I think it was actually my first time playing arcade games :) Maybe not, maybe just my first time in a long time.

In the end my dad won (no surprise there) and I came last. Hamish beat me which was annoying but he had the barriers up so he had an advantage. Oh well. I got two strikes though (not in a row) so I was pretty happy about that.
How about you? Have you been bowling recently? Or laser tag? I hope none of you were beaten by your younger siblings as that never feels so great. Then again I can't stand the the grumpy mood when they don't win. Now I really have to get a move on on all of my assignments (even though I'm probably just going to procrastinate after this) so that's all for now.


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