Saturday, 22 March 2014

CARE WIHS Day 5 and 6

Here are the photos from yesterday and today. Yesterday I did 10,352 steps and today I did 10,388. This morning my pedometer wasn't working and it was only registering about half of the steps I took. By the afternoon it had fixed itself up again but i hope it doesn't stuff up again!

Day 5
Suzie will always help me get my ten thousand steps!
Day 6

We went to Spotlight at Birkenhead point today because I needed to get pattern and fabric for Textiles. So anyway, we passed Cotton On and these were having a Nothing Over $10 sale so we went in and I ended up getting these comfortable, comfy pants!
I am loving Instagram's new contrast button, it give a great effect!

So tomorrow is the last day from Walk In Her Shoes and I'm going to try and do extra for it! Also, so far I've raised $969!!
Be awesome, and I'll try and fit in another post soon. Most of the assignments are done I've just one more to do and quite a bit of homework. More good news, my aunt's workshop will be going ahead! So hooray! It's next Saturday at the Botanic gardens so it should be a good day! Also, I can't wait for the Easter show this year! I'm going with my cousins this year (as I have been for several years) and I've set myself the challenge of going on every ride my cousin does, so I really hope she doesn't choose anything too bad!

Until next time,

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