Sunday, 9 March 2014

Kikki K

I've just started discovering the beauty of Kikki K. I've always known it's expensive, so I've never really bothered to look around at what was in there. But I went in today and they had some pretty cute things. In fact I even bought something for my cousin. Anyway when I got home I looked up the website. And now it's getting ridiculous. If only you could see the number of tabs open at the moment.

First of all I bought my cousin this sweet little iPad Mini cover.
It has two little pockets designed for pens and things
I really like it and so I'm hoping my cousin will too! In fact I want for my iPad too! Here are some of the other things I loved the look of from the Kikki K website

One thing I love is there cute little stickers. How sweet are these sticker and gift tag kits with those adorable and beautiful designs.
Gel Stickers 2pk: Sweet

Above: DIY Sticker Book: Dreaming. Below: DIY Sticker Book: Under The Sea and Sticker Sheet 2pk: Under The Sea
DIY Sticker Book: Uppsala and Gel Sticker 2pk: Uppsala
I just love 'em all!
Two last things I want to show you.

1. These sweet little magnetic bookmarks in their new Under The Sea range.

2. This 'My Organiser' which I want the minute I move into a new life. So someone, please give me this as a new home present ;) That's a while off though.

Still Kikki K is so expensive so I'm only going there for gifts :)


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