Monday, 30 December 2013

Lush obsession and my week cont.d

Hi guys, yesterday I told you that I was starting to get obsessed with Lush. Well, I don't think I'm obsessed but I definitely do love it right now. Last night I used the Snowcake Soap and it made me smell so nice....mmmm.....that sounds a bit weird.... It's hard to describe the kind of scent it was. It wasn't very distinctive; like it isn't a flavour. It just....smelled......clean.....
It was so hard trying to use the soap without rubbing off all the golden sparkles but I ended rubbing off a lot of sparkle anyway :(
Anyway, I'm probably not going to use my bath bombs for a veeerryyy long time as they are so precious (and not cheap) and I don't want to waste them even though I really want to try them.

The Snowcake soap after I had rubbed away a lot of the golden sparkles on top

My box of LUSH goodies :D (minus the soap)
My hands before I had even taken the soap out of the packet - already covered in gold!

I also went shopping at Typo yesterday and I bought..... Airline Bag Black, 2 rolls of Christmas wrap (which I don't think look Christmassy at all so I'm going to use them for birthdays), a Tote Bag with a cute forest print (I saw the fox on it and had to get it), a Red Transforma Tablet (which is now on my iPad), a little Tiny Book which is actually a storage compartment (I thought it would be good to put a little present in e.g. jewellery), and a 2014 Peanuts Calendar :) Yay!
So as you can see I also have a bit of an obsession with Typo. I seriously have little self control when shopping; I just, love, everything!
Plus there was a sale.

Oh oh oh! And I found this little website (well, you've probably all found it before me as it was the top hit on Google) which print your Instagram pictures and it's sooooooooooo cute!!! My favourites are the Stickers and the Mini Book. And everything is so mini!
If you want to print your Instagram pictures in a book but not a mini book, Blurb is a good website to go to. They also print your pictures in different layouts (e.g. cookbook, photo journal) but I think the Instagram book is cute and easy to do. You can also sell your book online! They do all the work for you. You just set the amount of profit you want to make and they sell your book.

Well I think that's all for now,
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