Tuesday, 3 December 2013

App Reviews

Hi guys,
Today I thought I'd give you a review on my favourite apps.

First of all, these are mostly old apps, nothing that new, so I recommend this post for new iPhone/iTouch/iPad users etc.


Ok my first one is Cut the Rope.
Now you've probably heard of this game before but it is a really cute game! It's kind of a puzzle game. You solve levels by feeding "Om Nom" the candy. There are also sequels of the game; Cut the Rope Experiments and Cut the Rope Time Travel. You may get sick of Cut the Rope after a while as there are so many levels but Time Travel has less levels and is also very fun (more levels come with the updates).

The next one is Where's My Water? Like Cut the Rope, Where's My Water is a puzzle game. It is the same game style as Cut the Rope and it's fun and addictive. If you like Cut the Rope then I think you will like this game too. Again, it does get boring after a while.

Now the all-time classic has also become a pc/mac game and Nintendo game. Yes, it's Plants vs Zombies. Now I have always though this is a fun and entertaining game. I'm not a zombie person but I really do like this style of game and I would highly recommend it to you. If you finish the game, don't stress! You can still play the zombie garden an the mini games, or, you can just play it all over again! There is now also Plants vs Zombies HD and Plants vs Zombies 2 if you want to try them out but I've never used them before so I don't know how they'll be but PvZ 2 looks really bad.

Jetpack Joyride is a fun and hilarious game. I would definitely recommend it to anyone (but especially boys - or if you have boy humour) as it is extremely entertaining and you don't really get sick of it. You play as "Barry", a guy who has stolen a machine gun jet pack and is making his way through the lab while dodging obstacles and lasers while killing scientists, trying out different power suits and completing goals. You press and hold the screen to make him go higher and let go to make him fall. There are no levels, you just keep going until you beat your friend's high score! ;D

This next one is a classic. Now, Pocket God is a little sadistic but it's very fun! And there's always plenty to do! Basically you torture little people ("pygmys") and kill them in different ways. Trust me its more fun then it sounds. You can complete goals and put pygmys in battle, there really is a lot to do and it's very entertaining :)

Next on the list is Temple Run. But specifically, Temple Run Brave. Now we all know temple run, it's gotten a bit old now and a bit boring. Temple Run Brave is basically the same thing except you get to play as Merida (from the movie Brave), the landscape is different and you get to shoot some arrows along the way. Still, if you're a newbie I recommend you try out this game especially if you're obsessed with the movie ;)

Now Despicable Me: Minion Rush is similar Temple Run in some ways but its quite recent and MUCH MORE FUN! :D It doesn't matter if you haven't watched Despicable Me 2 you will still love this game! It's fast paced, funny, entertaining and there are different areas to play in so you won't get bored of this game easily. Temple Run players may love this especially but I would recommend it to anyone and if you have an iPad you MUST get it! It is so much better on the iPad and easier too in my opinion.

Ovenbreak is a cute little classic about a gingerbread man running away from a witch's lair. It's cute, easy to play, but also good for experienced gamers because of the harder levels. Again, there is also Ovenbreak 2 and Ovenbreak Infinity but I don't know if they're any good.

If you've heard of Froggy Jump, then you'd have a good idea of what Mega Jump is like. Except it's better than Froggy Jump and Doodle Jump but it's that kind of game. Not one of my must-haves, but an alright game none the less.

Mega Jump's sequel, Mega Run, is GREAT. I can honestly say that this is a fun an entertaining game that I still play. The only problem is that they now have in-app purchases if you want to play more levels. But I just play it over and over again until I get it perfect and that keeps me busy.

Parking Mania Lite is free and is fun and challenging to play but it's over very quickly. Apart from 2 levels that I can't do, I've finished the other levels and it's not really fun after you've already done it. But, it's free, and good for temporary entertainment.

Gelato Mania is a cute game that's fun and challenging (sort of) and it's free. Unfortunately it's an old game and they've stopped making updates which is bad because there's a bug that prevents me from playing the last level. You basically just decorate gelato but you have to copy the one they've done exactly to pass the level. Again, good for temporary entertainment.

That's pretty much it for games. I'll do another one tomorrow on my favourite photo apps.


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