Monday, 30 December 2013

Hello chillin's

Hi guys, I am working on the My Fav Photo Apps reviews as we speak but here is my yummy breakfast. I used Camera+ for the effect and Rhonna Designs for the writing. So don't go away because I am working on the app reviews and the part 2 of yesterday's post.

And there's a little story behind this photograph too. first of all someone (implying my mum) left the panettone uncovered and so today the panettone was dry. Luckily, there was only one slice left so she didn't ruin the whole cake. So I had to toast but it still tasted nice. But can I just say that is one of the best Panettones I have ever had! The bread was deliciously soft and it was filled with scrumptious sultanas and dried orange, lemon and lime peel. Mmmmmmmmmm......... If you don't know, Panettone is an Italian Christmas cake and it is delicious so if you haven't tried one, you MUST. They traditionally only come out at Christmas but you might still be able to find one.


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