Monday, 25 March 2013


Sorry but I never have any idea what to name the title of my blog posts.
Last Saturday I went to Mel's workshop at studio 20/17 which was fun but it didn't go for long enough there was still so much I wanted to do but I've got a whole lot of ideas now so that should keep me busy.
It's Easter this weekend! Yay I love Easter it's my favourite celebration of the year! I'm going to the Easter show this Sunday with my cousins! To be honest, the only thing I like about the Easter show is the showbags :D I mean, I've never been a carnival person. Seriously, I just don't rides. And all the prizes for the smaller games are gay; they're just soft toys which you don't want and take up space. And the animals are the same every year, look at some farm animals, pat a few over-fed goats and that's it.... But showbags never get old :) They are so fun. But admission for the Easter show is so expensive. Oh well, my cousin loves the Easter show, she hasn't gotten sick of it so far (as far a I know).
And I didn't get to watch last Friday's Dr Blake episode because our TV's fried. So I'm just going to watch it on iview. In fact I'm going to do that right now after I've finished typing this post.

Want this! - I do not own this image

A picture I put together a few years ago :D Ha, forgot all about it. Not very good but it was my first one so I tried my best


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