Friday, 1 March 2013

Why doesn't blogger have a 'like' button?

Well this is embarrasing,
Is what you would see when Firefox keeps shutting down, but no, this is embarrassing because Danks street is not in Surrey Hills but in Waterloo which I've fixed relating to my last post.

Also I've put up a new poll...

Anyway I'm just babbling on here but I've also added two lists; one is my favourite blogs, the other is a list of sites you may want to look at that involve jewellery, designers and other stuff that you may find nice to look at. Unfortunately, my favourite blog list has only two blogs on it at the moment, this is because I don't "surf the web" for blogs much, and I haven't really got a list of favourites.

I can't wait.....I really want to be a contemporary jeweller like my aunt "when I grow up" but I want to do it now! I want to make my own jewellery and sell it and display it and make it and blog it and make it..........

Also, I am VERY annoyed that blogger does not have a 'like' widget. And I DO NOT mean a Facebook 'like' widget. I mean just a 'like' widget so you can see how many people like your post ect. I think wordpress has one like that but not blogger! What is going on here??
First of all, you can see how many people have visited your site but that doesn't mean they actually looked at it or liked it. They could've just accidentally pressed a link for all I know. It also shows you where they pressed the link from, but that still doesn't tell me whether they liked my blog.
Secondly, it would be really useful to have a 'like' button because that way you can tell which post they liked and if they liked it. A 'like' button for the whole site would also be useful. Why is there only a comment button? Not everyone has a comment to make, something to say, or something write. Some people don't really want other people to see what they think. A 'like' button is good because its easy and simple; they press 'like' and you can see that they like it.
If you were to have a 'like' button - which you should - it needs to be simple and easy like a Facebook like button. You also should not have to have a blogger account to 'like' something otherwise that limits it to the amount of people who can 'like' it. Just a simple 'like' widget for your blog or blog entries is not that hard.

Well that's all I had to say, you'll see another fox and quote next Thursday.


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