Friday, 15 March 2013

Can you believe it?

Ha ha, just remembered 'Fantage' can you believe after all these years I got my username and password right on the first go? :D Ha, I'm so pleased at myself. Haaaaaaa, all those games I used to waste my time on, but they were so penguin, fantage, neopets, even things like disney fairies (which is even worse than it used to be because like every game; over time you need to be a member to do more and more things and then its just pointless) and the tamagotchi tamatown. Ahhh, tamagotchis, everyone was into them when they came out. I never got a real one, they were so expensive for this little piece of plastic. My dad bought me a cheap crappy one from the hot dollar shop and it never worked. Oh well, that craze didn't last long and I'm glad I didn't spend tonnes of money on them.


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