Saturday, 8 February 2014

LUSH products

My goodness I'm so so sorry I'm a terrible person. I may have led you into thinking that I've changed my ways and will be posting more often but I did warn you that it would be harder once school started but that's no excuse I know.

So last Sunday I went to LUSH and spent ages in there looking and smelling every product I could. That was my first real good look at LUSH as I had no time limit and wanted to make sure I was getting the products I wanted the most. I ended up getting two ballistic bath bombs and two 100gms soaps. I've already used one of the soaps but the rest are still beautifully wrapped and you won't get to see what's inside until I use them. But you can always look them up on the LUSH website.

So here is my LUSH load.
So I already used the Porridge Soap and it smells scrumptious. This is what 100g grams looks like. Not very much for $6.50 I know but the soap is creamy and silky. It's a bit rough applying it though - because of the bits of porridge and I definitely wouldn't recommend it if you're shaving but in terms of smell, it's one of the only ones I really liked and I would definitely recommend it. Also if you're wondering whether the porridge bits block your drain, I asked the girl in the shop the same question and she said that, from experience that had never happened to her, and it hasn't happened to be so far so that's good. The porridge bits are quite small anyway so you should be fine.
The Miranda Soap is also one of the only three soap smells (that they had in that shop) that I like and it smells really nice and gentle but still strong enough to have an effect. Obviously I haven't used it yet as it's still in it's lovely Lush Fighting Against Animal Testing paper. I think this would be good as a shower soap.
I was pleasantly surprised at the smell of this Honey Bee Bath Ballistic. The smell is simple, light and soothing.
Smells amazing, looks amazing. Its the Phoenix Rising Bath Ballistic

The 3rd favourite smelling soap that I didn't buy was the Godmother Soap which I was also pleasantly surprised to have liked but it is an extremely strong smelling soap so if you do get it (or if I do) I would definitely use it as a hand soap.
Although I recommend these products, I am definitely not saying you should order them online without smelling them first. Only buy online if you've used/smelled the product first because I found that a lot of the things that I thought would smell nice didn't appeal to me and a lot of the products that seemed uninteresting were actually some of the ones I bought and liked. Besides everyone likes different smells and what I might like, you may not. I am simple giving you descriptions of what the product is like and what I like.

That's all for now. I really want to try to post more but we'll just see how it goes. I don't really read books and I'm terrible at deciding whether I like movies or not and why so there probably won't be many reviews although I will try. I am seeing Saving Mr Banks tomorrow with my grandparents before it ends so I hope that it will be good. I'm no good at writing stories either; short or long.

Anyways, ta ta for now,

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