Thursday, 12 July 2012

Our sleepover at our great aunt's house

Hamish and I had a fun time at my great aunt's place in Vaucluse.

On Sunday, we went to our great aunt's house and in the afternoon we went whale watching and we saw a whale! It was actually kinda exciting! After that we went to Gelatissimo and had a 2 scoop gelato! I had Salted caramel chocolate and Peanut brittle chocolate! Hamish had Classic chocolate and Strawberry, and Irene (my great aunt) had Caramel and Creme brulee chocolate. The gelato was delicious! Then we went back and played with lego and stayed the night.

On Monday morning, we had a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs and then we walked down to Parsley Bay and collected shells as well as played in the playground. I feel like a kid :D On the way to Parsley Bay was a little rainforest scenic walk :)
Taken with Instagram <3
Moss, Moss, Moss
The branch of this tree is growing right through another tree!
I love the effects you can do on Instagram
Backwards sliding
After that we walked further down, to Doyles fish and chips shop and had fish and chips for lunch. Unfortunately the calamari was pretty tasteless so I think they definitely need to improve! After lunch we walked back home and made crafty things with the shells we collected. This is what I made:
In the end I decided to give to Irene because she spent so much money on me when we went shopping
For dinner we had the best lasagna I've ever had! I think it was because Irene used ricotta, feta and parmesan rather than a cheesy sauce which made it taste so delicious! That night I did more lego while my brother watched Mythbusters. I would've liked to watch Mythbusters but I was too hypnotized by lego. 

On Tuesday morning, Hamish had to leave early because he was going to a laser tag excursion with his school holiday care. When Irene got back from dropping Hamish off, we made frangipane tarts from one of Jamie's 30 Minutes Meals recipes. We didn't have strawberry or raspberry jam so we used Achacha jam :) Anyway, after that we ate lunch (which for me was leftover lasagna!) and then we went SHOPPING :) And Irene spent more than $100 on me! I feel so special, and spoilt, and happy! We went to Westfield at Bondi Junction and the first shop we went to was Factorie, where I got 3 shirts and an awesome pair of shoes! I was surprised they fit me because I have wide feet and it's usually hard to find shoes for me.
They are so cool!
Next we went to Supre where I got a shirt and black jeans.
That night we made cocaleekie (I dunno how to spell it) but unfortunately there were no leeks! So we just used spring onions. After that we made delicious Molten Chocolate Puddings!
And of course.......more LEGO!

The next day I had yogurt for breakfast and then I played Lego for a few hours and after I had made a hospital, an ambulance, and a rescue helicopter, we went to the Art Gallery of NSW to have lunch and look at the Japanese art exhibitions. Lunch was DELICIOUS and the exhibitions were really pretty. And after that, unfortunately, it was time to go home. So Irene drove me home and now I've got to start packing again!!! Because we are moving on Friday. So I've got to get these boxes filled!

Yours truly,

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